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US-5655174-A: System with ambient sensor for estimating printing supply consumption patent, US-5852772-A: Receiver IF system with active filters patent, US-5969588-A: Ratchet and ball magnetic index device patent, US-6067805-A: Adaptive pretrip selection patent, US-6082424-A: Heavy duty radial tire patent, US-6125841-A: Method and apparatus for combined removal and in-situ biodegradation of grease material from a kitchen ventilator patent, US-6149299-A: Direct temperature sensing of a semiconductor device semiconductor device patent, US-6172463-B1: Internally cooled linear accelerator and drift tubes patent, US-6186494-B1: Device for depositing printed sheets on a guide patent, US-6237995-B1: Carseat and stroller with folding linkage system patent, US-6310558-B1: Selective calling system and selective calling receiver patent, US-6396564-B2: Photographic printing system and photographic printing method patent, US-6419057-B1: Power-off damping in MR damper patent, US-6429553-B1: Motor and electric power steering device patent, US-6444938-B1: Switchgear with switching devices arranged in housings patent, US-6493216-B1: Portable computer with an LCD which can be rotated within 360 degrees patent, US-6579261-B1: Double lumen-type catheter patent, US-6587127-B1: Content player method and server with user profile patent, US-6664591-B2: Insulated gate semiconductor device patent, US-6701879-B2: Internal combustion engine patent, US-3677511-A: Portable folding warning sign standard patent, US-3871262-A: Electronic organ having delayed fill in patent, US-3923426-A: Electroosmotic pump and fluid dispenser including same patent, US-3931700-A: Surfaces produced by interlocking members patent, US-4047138-A: Power inductor and transformer with low acoustic noise air gap patent, US-4099762-A: Gripping device patent, US-4116917-A: Hydrogenated star-shaped polymer patent, US-4124408-A: Method of removing deposits on refrigeration system surfaces patent, US-4164539-A: Catalytic gas detector patent, US-4185474-A: Safeguard coupling for power driven flexible shafts patent, US-4187867-A: Fluid bearing patent, US-4217086-A: Extruder with sealing die for abrasive material patent, US-4270745-A: Multiple stack roll-wave sheet separator apparatus patent, US-4538197-A: Synchronism check relay patent, US-4574937-A: Guide and hand rail with latch patent, US-4638358-A: Sampling clock reproducing circuit patent, US-4651539-A: Heat pump patent, US-4795972-A: Digital measuring method and apparatus for a quasi-analog measured value display patent, US-4804759-A: Pyrimidine compound patent, US-4860836-A: Method and apparatus for indicating sample collection times during well drilling patent, US-5133002-A: Radiotelephone system that maintains synchronization between base and subordinate units while shifting carrier frequencies patent, US-5149669-A: Method of forming an isolation region in a semiconductor device patent, US-5154206-A: Vibration damper patent, US-5193696-A: Braking mechanism for a sliding tape cartridge storage system patent, US-5217331-A: Hardware installation tool patent, US-5221928-A: Method and apparatus for accurate, high speed pulse-echo measurement calibration patent, US-5223589-A: Process for separating durene from substituted benzene hydrocarbons patent, US-5250048-A: Stabilizing element for osteosynthesis of bone fragments, especially for the fixation of bone fractures patent, US-5251670-A: Flush valve patent, US-5346662-A: Method of manufacturing a composite seal patent, US-5403740-A: Biodegradable compost bins patent, US-5404227-A: Container inspecting apparatus having rotary indexing apparatus patent, US-5518134-A: Pin lock lidded cup patent, US-5522969-A: Submerged drainage method for forming and dewatering a web on a fourdrinier fabric patent, US-5791190-A: Counter gear in a transmission gear mechanism for a radio controlled toy car patent, US-5838099-A: Deflection yoke having first coil parts for correction of cross-misconverge and red/blue vertical misconverge patent, US-5922197-A: Debris suppression device patent, US-5960815-A: Air nozzle of inflating device patent, US-6070860-A: Crossflow water cooling tower having structure allowing air flow through water distribution system patent, US-6104728-A: Device for selecting address words by demultiplex decoding patent, US-6114176-A: Method for measuring the concentration of a substance in a solution patent, US-6215878-B1: Group key distribution patent, US-6215926-B1: Fiber optic dense wavelength division multiplexer with a phase differential method of wavelengths separation utilizing glass blocks and a nonlinear interferometer patent, US-6399083-B1: Cosmetic compositions containing chick pea extract and retinoids patent, US-6515525-B2: Fractional-N-PLL frequency synthesizer and phase error canceling method therefor patent, US-6548971-B2: Dual sided self-oscillation circuit for driving an oscillatory actuator patent, US-6577603-B1: Method for determining speed of terminal, and receiver patent, US-6594304-B2: Adaptive configurable class-A/class-B transmit DAC for transceiver emission and power consumption control patent, US-3784718-A: Touch-responsive keying circuit for electronic musical instruments patent, US-3862653-A: Log debarking apparatus patent, US-3975902-A: Local maintenance controller for gas turbine power plants having a primary control system patent, US-4174926-A: Windmill pump drive system patent, US-4250500-A: Smoke detector patent, US-4326035-A: Process for the culture of aerobic microorganisms patent, US-4469127-A: Signal generating device in response to the degree of opening of a throttle valve patent, US-4631536-A: Multiplex submersible pump telemetry system patent, US-4638247-A: Integrated circuit for converting a drive signal of three or more voltage levels to two voltage levels patent, US-4656918-A: Electromagnetic induction method and apparatus therefor for collapsing and propelling a deformable workpiece patent, US-4684062-A: Pumping system for mobile protective coating spray apparatus and other applications patent, US-4937127-A: Skid-resistant pavement markings patent, US-4978053-A: Method for making a frame-like shell patent, US-5003440-A: Tailcap insert patent, US-5097688-A: In-line wire drawing machine with overhead turntable patent, US-5099541-A: Blackboard eraser apparatus patent, US-5196362-A: Multilayer wiring method of on-chip modification for an lsi patent, US-5237836-A: Fiber mat cryogenic cooling patent, US-5449740-A: Resin systems derived from insitu-generated bisdienes from bis-benzocyclobutene compounds patent, US-5573394-A: Low profile burner assembly patent, US-5605349-A: Integrated canister for an airbag inflator patent, US-5724613-A: System and method for automatically enabling and disabling a prefetching capability patent, US-5829188-A: Extermination device and vaporization unit for extermination liquid patent, US-5856864-A: Photographic printer and method of making a filter for a photographic printer patent, US-5874406-A: Synthetic peptide analogs of lung surface protein SP-C patent, US-6068291-A: Adaptive pyrotechnic gas generator with tubular chambers, for airbags patent, US-6072359-A: Current generator circuit having a wide frequency response patent, US-6149057-A: System and method for transfer of funds using preprinted sealed security code packet and automated teller machine patent, US-6160583-A: Camera having a locking tab for locking movement of a lens barrel when extended to a photographing position patent, US-6277333-B1: Process for reducing or avoiding foam production during chemical and physical materials conversion processes and a device for performing this process patent, US-6279204-B1: Hang-a-chip patent, US-6320909-B1: Picture decoding and display unit including a memory having reduce storage capacity for storing pixel data patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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