Wälzlagerkäfig aus elastischem Kunststoff

Elastic plastics roller bearing cage - is used esp. for cylindrical and pin bearings in freewheel units and has slot in contg. steel plate spring attached to holder


The steel plate spring (5) is joined to the roller bearing cage (1) along one of the contact sides (2,3) of the axial slot (4) in the cage. The plate spring rests elastically against the other side of the slot. The plate spring is shaped like an equilateral trapezium one end of which is joined to a holder (13). The sides of the trapezoid plate spring have each an axial extension at the ends. USE/ADVANTAGE - The easily and economically roller bearing cage has a set sprung force by having a steel plate spring joined at one end to one of the surfaces bordering the slot and resting against the other surface.




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